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Alaska Region Headquarters
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ValdezCity Observations
TESTM VWSA2 211648Z AUTO 3603G6KT 10SM M07/M17 A2993 RMK A02 SLP134 T10681168
TESTM VWSA2 211618Z AUTO 0706G7KT 10SM M07/M17 A2993 RMK A02 SLP135 T10681173
TESTM VWSA2 211518Z AUTO 0503G6KT 10SM M07/M18 A2994 RMK A02 SLP137 T10731177
TESTM VWSA2 211448Z AUTO 0702G6KT 10SM M08/M18 A2993 RMK A02 SLP136 T10751176
TESTM VWSA2 211418Z AUTO 0706G9KT 10SM M07/M17 A2993 RMK A02 SLP136 T10731172
TESTM VWSA2 211348Z AUTO 0706G12KT 10SM M07/M17 A2993 RMK A02 SLP135 T10671169
TESTM VWSA2 211318Z AUTO 0507G12KT 10SM M07/M18 A2993 RMK A02 SLP135 T10661177
TESTM VWSA2 211248Z AUTO 0506G9KT 10SM M07/M17 A2993 RMK A02 SLP136 T10661172
TESTM VWSA2 211218Z AUTO 0406G10KT 10SM M06/M18 A2992 RMK A02 SLP133 T10651179
TESTM VWSA2 211148Z AUTO 0506G8KT 10SM M06/M17 A2992 RMK A02 SLP133 T10621174
TESTM VWSA2 211118Z AUTO 0204G8KT 10SM M06/M18 A2992 RMK A02 SLP131 T10591180
TESTM VWSA2 211048Z AUTO 0506G10KT 10SM M06/M17 A2992 RMK A02 SLP130 T10551173
TESTM VWSA2 211018Z AUTO 0506G8KT 10SM M05/M17 A2991 RMK A02 SLP127 T10491174
TESTM VWSA2 210948Z AUTO 00000G3KT 10SM M05/M18 A2990 RMK A02 SLP126 T10501181
TESTM VWSA2 210918Z AUTO 0508G10KT 10SM M05/M18 A2989 RMK A02 SLP123 T10461175
TESTM VWSA2 210848Z AUTO 0507G13KT 10SM M05/M18 A2989 RMK A02 SLP123 T10461176
TESTM VWSA2 210718Z AUTO 0406G10KT 10SM M04/M18 A2988 RMK A02 SLP117 T10361180
TESTM VWSA2 210648Z AUTO 0507G13KT 10SM M04/M18 A2987 RMK A02 SLP115 T10381183
TESTM VWSA2 210618Z AUTO 05010G16KT 10SM M04/M18 A2986 RMK A02 SLP113 T10351182
TESTM VWSA2 210548Z AUTO 07010G16KT 10SM M03/M17 A2987 RMK A02 SLP114 T10311169
TESTM VWSA2 210518Z AUTO 0609G18KT 10SM M03/M17 A2987 RMK A02 SLP114 T10291173
TESTM VWSA2 210448Z AUTO 10010G19KT 10SM M02/M15 A2985 RMK A02 SLP108 T10241152
TESTM VWSA2 210418Z AUTO 09010G15KT 10SM M02/M16 A2984 RMK A02 SLP105 T10231160
TESTM VWSA2 210348Z AUTO 08010G16KT 10SM M03/M15 A2984 RMK A02 SLP103 T10261151
TESTM VWSA2 210318Z AUTO 07010G16KT 10SM M02/M16 A2983 RMK A02 SLP102 T10241162
TESTM VWSA2 210248Z AUTO 0506G10KT 10SM M02/M18 A2983 RMK A02 SLP100 T10241176
TESTM VWSA2 210148Z AUTO 11011G19KT 10SM M02/M14 A2981 RMK A02 SLP093 T10201145 PK WND 00029/0000
TESTM VWSA2 210118Z AUTO 12014G29KT 10SM M02/M16 A2978 RMK A02 SLP085 T10241155 PK WND 00029/0000
TESTM VWSA2 210048Z AUTO 1308G26KT 7SM M02/M14 A2978 RMK A02 SLP084 T10191142 PK WND 00025/0000
TESTM VWSA2 210018Z AUTO 0206G18KT 10SM M00/M18 A2976 RMK A02 SLP078 T10011177 PK WND 00025/0000
TESTM VWSA2 202348Z AUTO 2409G18KT 10SM M01/M18 A2977 RMK A02 SLP081 T10101181
TESTM VWSA2 202248Z AUTO 13012G24KT 10SM M01/M16 A2976 RMK A02 SLP079 T10101158 PK WND 00028/0000
TESTM VWSA2 202218Z AUTO 12011G22KT 10SM M01/M14 A2975 RMK A02 SLP074 T10131140
TESTM VWSA2 202148Z AUTO 1108G19KT 10SM M01/M15 A2976 RMK A02 SLP078 T10131154
TESTM VWSA2 202048Z AUTO 3004G22KT 10SM 00/M16 A2973 RMK A02 SLP068 T00041160
TESTM VWSA2 202018Z AUTO 08010G19KT 10SM 01/M16 A2972 RMK A02 SLP064 T00071157
TESTM VWSA2 201948Z AUTO 0806G16KT 10SM 00/M15 A2970 RMK A02 SLP058 T00041151
TESTM VWSA2 201918Z AUTO 2507G15KT 10SM -SHSN 00/M16 A2969 RMK A02 SLP054 T00011155
TESTM VWSA2 201848Z AUTO 2609G18KT 10SM -SHSN M00/M16 A2969 RMK A02 SLP053 T10041160 PK WND 00025/0000
TESTM VWSA2 201818Z AUTO 30015G23KT 10SM M01/M15 A2968 RMK A02 SLP049 T10081151 PK WND 00025/0000
TESTM VWSA2 201748Z AUTO 2309G18KT 10SM 00/M15 A2966 RMK A02 SLP045 T00041153
TESTM VWSA2 201718Z AUTO 2704G16KT 10SM SHUP 01/M14 A2964 RMK A02 SLP037 T00071141
TESTM VWSA2 201648Z AUTO 2206G13KT 10SM 01/M13 A2962 RMK A02 SLP030 T00061132 PK WND 00029/0000
TESTM VWSA2 201618Z AUTO 11015G29KT 4SM -SHSN M01/M11 A2961 RMK A02 SLP028 T10101112 PK WND 00029/0000
TESTM VWSA2 201548Z AUTO 1207G20KT 10SM -SHSN 00/M10 A2959 RMK A02 SLP019 T00041102 PK WND 00025/0000
TESTM VWSA2 201448Z AUTO 10012G20KT 10SM M00/M10 A2957 RMK A02 SLP013 T10041104
TESTM VWSA2 201418Z AUTO 0909G18KT 10SM M01/M11 A2955 RMK A02 SLP008 T10091109
TESTM VWSA2 201348Z AUTO 0607G14KT 10SM M01/M11 A2955 RMK A02 SLP006 T10101114
TESTM VWSA2 201318Z AUTO 0407G11KT 10SM M01/M12 A2954 RMK A02 SLP003 T10141121
TESTM VWSA2 201218Z AUTO 05010G14KT 10SM M01/M12 A2953 RMK A02 SLP998 T10141120
TESTM VWSA2 201148Z AUTO 0608G13KT 10SM M02/M12 A2951 RMK A02 SLP994 T10211116
TESTM VWSA2 201118Z AUTO 04010G13KT 10SM M02/M12 A2950 RMK A02 SLP989 T10191119
TESTM VWSA2 201048Z AUTO 0608G12KT 10SM M02/00 A2948 RMK A02 SLP984 T10240000
TESTM VWSA2 201018Z AUTO 0506G11KT 10SM M03/M11 A2948 RMK A02 SLP981 T10301112
TESTM VWSA2 200948Z AUTO 0708G15KT 10SM M03/M12 A2946 RMK A02 SLP977 T10301115
TESTM VWSA2 200918Z AUTO 0507G11KT 10SM M04/M12 A2945 RMK A02 SLP972 T10371120
TESTM VWSA2 200848Z AUTO 0508G12KT 10SM M04/00 A2944 RMK A02 SLP970 T10390000
TESTM VWSA2 200818Z AUTO 0508G12KT 10SM M04/M12 A2943 RMK A02 SLP966 T10431117
TESTM VWSA2 200748Z AUTO 0508G12KT 10SM M05/M12 A2942 RMK A02 SLP961 T10461116
TESTM VWSA2 200718Z AUTO 0504G9KT 10SM M05/M11 A2941 RMK A02 SLP959 T10491110
TESTM VWSA2 200648Z AUTO 0707G10KT 10SM M05/M11 A2940 RMK A02 SLP957 T10511109
TESTM VWSA2 200618Z AUTO 0704G7KT 10SM M05/M10 A2940 RMK A02 SLP955 T10511103
TESTM VWSA2 200548Z AUTO 0706G9KT 10SM M05/M10 A2940 RMK A02 SLP955 T10521104
TESTM VWSA2 200518Z AUTO 0707G10KT 10SM M05/M10 A2940 RMK A02 SLP954 T10531101
TESTM VWSA2 200448Z AUTO 0706G9KT 10SM -SN M06/M09 A2939 RMK A02 SLP951 T10551094
TESTM VWSA2 200318Z AUTO 0805G7KT 2SM -SN M06/M08 A2937 RMK A02 SLP946 T10631084
TESTM VWSA2 200248Z AUTO 0804G6KT 2SM -SN M06/M09 A2936 RMK A02 SLP942 T10641087
TESTM VWSA2 200218Z AUTO 0704G7KT 2SM -SN M06/M09 A2935 RMK A02 SLP940 T10641086
TESTM VWSA2 200118Z AUTO 0804G8KT 2SM -SN M07/M09 A2935 RMK A02 SLP939 T10681087
TESTM VWSA2 200048Z AUTO 0303G7KT 1SM -SN M07/M09 A2935 RMK A02 SLP939 T10691088
TESTM VWSA2 200018Z AUTO 0704G6KT 2SM -SN M07/M09 A2935 RMK A02 SLP940 T10701089
TESTM VWSA2 192348Z AUTO 0503G5KT 1SM -SN M07/M09 A2936 RMK A02 SLP941 T10711089
TESTM VWSA2 192318Z AUTO 0903G5KT 2SM -SN M07/M09 A2936 RMK A02 SLP942 T10721090
TESTM VWSA2 192248Z AUTO 3102G3KT 1SM -SN M08/M09 A2936 RMK A02 SLP943 T10751092
TESTM VWSA2 192218Z AUTO 0804G9KT 1SM -SN M08/M09 A2937 RMK A02 SLP947 T10751092
TESTM VWSA2 192148Z AUTO 0704G7KT M1/4SM -SN M08/M09 A2938 RMK A02 SLP950 T10751093
TESTM VWSA2 192118Z AUTO 0804G7KT 1SM -SN M08/M10 A2939 RMK A02 SLP953 T10761098
TESTM VWSA2 192048Z AUTO 0704G7KT 2SM -SN M08/M10 A2940 RMK A02 SLP955 T10751101
TESTM VWSA2 192018Z AUTO 0905G8KT 1SM -SN M08/M10 A2940 RMK A02 SLP957 T10821100
TESTM VWSA2 191948Z AUTO 0403G5KT 1SM -SN M09/M10 A2941 RMK A02 SLP959 T10861105
TESTM VWSA2 191918Z AUTO 0704G5KT 1SM -SN M09/M10 A2942 RMK A02 SLP961 T10861103
TESTM VWSA2 191848Z AUTO 0505G7KT 1SM -SN M09/M11 A2942 RMK A02 SLP964 T10871106
TESTM VWSA2 191818Z AUTO 0605G8KT M1/4SM -SN M09/M11 A2944 RMK A02 SLP968 T10871106
TESTM VWSA2 191748Z AUTO 0506G9KT M1/4SM SN M09/M10 A2945 RMK A02 SLP973 T10861105
TESTM VWSA2 191718Z AUTO 0603G4KT 1SM -SN M08/M11 A2946 RMK A02 SLP976 T10821112

Alaska Region Headquarters
222 West 7th Avenue #23
Anchorage, AK 99513-7575
Voice: 1-907-271-5088
Fax: 1-907-271-3711
Recorded Forecast: 1-800-472-0391
Webmaster Email: ARH Webauthors
Page Modified: 03 Feb 2008 18:00 UTC
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